The Vythol Terracide

The Story
The Vythol Compendium - The Story So Far

DND Club Game

The adventurers met in the kings’ throne room (in Vytholm), after being given a mission by the aide to the king. Then (The ‘Blind’ guy, an Eladrin in disguise with a bandage over his eyes to hide them), knocked over several items.

The group was then forced to flee the palace to avoid arrest by the kings guards. They then prepared for their adventure by shopping around the capital.

Blind Eladrin gets beat up by horses, people shop everywhere. Gnome comes in like a meteor and crashes in town, gets killed by guard and another guard kills one other adventurer.

Weekend Game
The adventurers originally started out in the capital of Vytholm, of the same name. They received instructions from an aide to the king to seek out these few assassins that the king so graciously exiled for their attempted regicide.

Arcadius Smythe and Kane (O’something?) set out together and recovered some supplies. They angered a few shop keepers, but nothing serious. Then Arcadius collected his horse, and Kane stole a horse, and they rode outside the city. They asked a guard where they should look first. The guard told them to look around Byram, the nobilities’ favorite vacation spot, and so they went.

On their way there, they passed through the Minotaur Glade, a horrifying forest that generally takes an armored convoy to get through. A group of bandits met them in the forest, and were handily dispatched by the duo. A bandit that ran from the adventurers was eaten by the Minotaur, which eats primarily humanoid creatures. They narrowly missed getting eaten by the Minotaur, and escaped from the other side onto the road to Byram.

Once the group arrived at Byram, they met up with another two adventurers on the same mission. William ‘The Doctor’, and Rin (Wrin?). The four agreed with some trepidation to form a group.

They searched through Byram looking for the would-be assassins, and entered a local castle. Inside, after a chase, they found two mysterious people in black cloaks and entirely black outfits named Time and S. After Arcadius attempted to destroy both Time and S several times, and had to be restrained, it was revealed by Time that he was observing the group and that he was surprised that they managed to meet him.

Time then went on to say something about watching out for ‘H’, and left shortly thereafter. Arcadius called for Inquisitors before Time and S left, so Kane beseeched Time to save the rest of the party, who were all Fey of some form.

Time then did the unexpected and opened a portal to save the party (maybe not Arcadius) from the wrath of the inquisitors. Though Arcadius fought the pull of the interdimensional rift, the entire group was brought through.

They were dumped out onto the slopes of a Palatian mountain, nearby a Fey Underground Railroad stopping point, and one of the failed assassins.

They met Drisby, an ancient magician, got a bunch of stuff, sledded down a hill and killed a Yeti.

Then they went into the nearby town, up to the Wanted Board.

Work In Progress


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